Parents, teachers need your support today!

From Barbara Cable Casey:

Parents, your teachers need your help TODAY! The attack on our collective bargaining rights is back. The following is from KNEA’s “Under the Dome”:
“You might be wondering what happened to HB 2085, the bill to dismantle collective bargaining and the KSSA proposal to strip teachers of any voice in anything except salary, supplemental pay, sick leave, and personal leave.
The House Commerce Committee met today and decided to discuss the collective bargaining proposals but not to work HB 2085. What could this mean?
What we learned is that a plan was hatched out by Chairman Kleeb working with a few superintendents and KASB – folks who wish to strip teachers of most if not all collective bargaining from teachers – to craft some ideas behind closed doors, and then drop the plan in as a “gut and go” amendment to another bill that apparently no one cared about.
Is this possible? Sure it is! You’ll be able to see it soon in HB 2027, shooting out of committee just in time to get through the full House before turn-around on Friday
Please take the time to support us by contacting House members to let them know you support collective bargaining for teachers! Thank you!

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