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“Where is the hard data?” Sen. Greg Smith R-Overland Park during committee review of school finance litigation claiming the recent court ruling provided no evidence that increased school funding will increase student performance.
People in the East Antioch, Overland Park, Comanche, Rising Star, Mill Creek, Sunflower, Rosehill, Christa McAuliffe, SMW/Westridge, and SMS/Indian Woods attendance areas, SEN. SMITH NEEDS TO HEAR FROM YOU.
You can remind him all the things SMSD has cut over the last few years. You can also remind him that we haven’t been able to show that increasing funding raises scores in Kansas, because that has been reduced to a hypothetical question, which is why they’re facing the court decision in the first place. The original Montoy case was filed in 1999, with a final decision in 2005. Base State Aid Per Pupil funding went up one year before the recession hit, and we’ve had only cuts since then.

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