Senator Melcher voted in favor of mandatory 3rd grade retention

 SMSD area Sen. MELCHER voted in favor of mandatory 3rd grade retention. Recall he also voted in favor of the constitutional amendment to limit the court’s ability to order school funding. Families from Trailwood, Brookwood, and parts of John Diemer, Indian Woods, SMS and Blue Valley SD, Sen. Melcher needs to hear from you! Thank SMSD Sens. Wolf and Pettey for voting the bill down.

Retention decisions should be made by parents, teachers and principals based upon evaluation of multiple criteria rather than based upon a single test score and mandated by the legislature.  Academic research shows a harmful correlation between retention and drop out rates.  This bill is also part of Brownback’s 4th grade reading initiative which he intends to fund with cuts to early education.  This is another example of bad policy based upon the Florida reform model rather than an understanding of what’s right for Kansas students.

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