Bad news from Topeka

From one of our SMSD area Reps: The race to the bottom is on. Vouchers (oops, I mean scholarship tax credits) just passed out of the House education committee despite my best efforts. For the record, I voted no. To compound the problem, it was amended into a bill the Senate already voted on so it bypasses a vote in the Senate and heads straight to conference committee. Senate Ed committee is hearing the charter bill we voted… down last week, and they may not have the votes to stop it. We have passed a number of other bills that lift teacher accreditation requirements and accountability standards. I have vote against it all, and will continue to do so. We need to properly fund our public schools to ensure that every child has a chance at a quality education.

Remember, elections have consequences. 4 reps from JoCo sit on the House education committee who keep voting for these measures that will destabilize our public schools. Pro-education, I think not.

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