Heather’s Walk to Topeka Day 3

Two thirds of the way there.
Today is for the teachers.
For my grandfather, Abe Faier, a professor at Creighton University. 
For my dad, Jerry, a biologist and high school teacher.
For Mrs. Willy, Kindergarten and third grade, who knew the power of being kind.
For Mrs. Scanlon, who taught me about horizon lines, taking …my time, and drawing what I saw: observation.
For Mrs. McCormick, who always demanded more omph from her sixth grade class.
For Mr. Holt, who took so many middle school kids to DC he probably should have received store credit at the DC airports.
For Mr. Buster, who let me make pretty much anything I could dream up in his jewelry class.
For Lisa Seigel, who maybe had to corral sometimes more than she got to teach.
For Mr. Dawson, who helped me love science. Go science!
For Mrs. Jackie Frazier, for listening, for practical advice, for the couch when I moved to my first place.
For Professor Cheryl Lester – that honor’s thesis would have been a forty page hot mess without your coaching skills.
For Professor James Carothers, modern humorists, enough said.
For Professor Bruce Twarog, for explaining astronomy and physics and showing me a different side of the universe.
For Professor Valery J. Terwilliger, Honors World Geography, it was hard. Perfect example of hard things worth doing.
For Ms. Fishman at East, for helping so many kids reach their potential.
For Ms. Lyberger, Mrs. Ludwig, and Miss. Irvine.
For every teacher who has helped me along the way to Topeka.
And for every teacher helping every Kansas kid be better, smarter and more equipped than they otherwise would be.
You don’t hear it enough. You are doing a good job.
I thank you.
Heather Ousley

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