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“So on Saturday I chose to attend the rally of the real families, educators, and students rather than the contrived gathering of the lobbyists and their paid employees. I marched behind my kindergarten son and two high sc…hool students with bright futures. I marched behind them, and mostly importantly, I marched for them. I marched for those kids because they deserve better than what Texas has provided them. I marched for those kids because they are owed the same level and quality of education that I received so many years ago. I marched for the kids the state chose to ignore when they defunded education last session. I marched for the kids who have seen sports programs defunded, bussing halted, and who sit on the floors and counter tops of overcrowded classrooms. I marched for all of the kids who deserve a strong education and the opportunities that will afford them. Unlike the astro-turf school choice event, I know exactly who I rallied for on the steps of the capitol. And I did so proudly.” PTA mom Kim Burkett marching on the Texas capital during the Save Texas Schools Rally. OUR GOVERNOR SAYS LOOK OUT TEXAS HERE COMES KANSAS, BUT WE DON’T WANT TO BE LIKE TEXAS! Read this full article and see what we’re heading towards: http://educatefortexas.wordpress.com/2013/02/25/pta-mom-marches-on-austin-a-tale-of-two-education-rallies/

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