Rep. Kinzer falsely claims Gannon won’t help SMSD

At a legislative forum Saturday, SMSD/Olathe SD area Rep. KINZER claimed that successful school litigation (the recent Gannon case) only hurts SMSD because under
the funding formula SMSD receives a lower percentage than other districts. By our calculations, SMSD would receive over $31 million additional annual operational funding if the legislature were to abide by Montoy and Gannon. Rep. Kinzer called that a “pittance”, said we would be better off without it and instead should ally with other districts to rewrite the funding formula. Tell Rep. Kinzer we would very much like to restore the cuts from the last few years, lower the class size cap, restore library book funding, go back to cleaning our classrooms on a daily basis, rehire some teachers, put math aides in non-title I schools, and make other important investments in our schools and prefer not to put all our eggs in the reworking the school funding formula basket which has been strongly resisted in the past. Rep. KINZER needs to hear from his constituents!
Rep. KINZER is YOUR representative if you’re in part of the Sunflower (south of 87th and east of Renner), most of Rosehill (Haskins/Hauser to Renner), part of the SMW/Westridge, SMS/Indian Woods and Olathe School District attendance areas.

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