Let your checkbook do some talking!

Earlier this month, Brownback signed the bill prohibiting public employees from voluntarily deducting union dues from their paychecks. This is another ALEC bill that found its way into Kansas. Game On talked to teachers in our schools, and we did not hear of any who felt they needed to be protected from voluntary payroll deductions. We did see Kansas Chamber lobbyist Eric Stafford publicly stating, “I need this bill passed so we can get rid of public sector unions.” We also read a letter Susan Wagle submitted to the Wichita Eagle in which she stated, “when Utah – a right-to-work state . . . – enacted paycheck-protection laws, one public-employee organization saw the amount of contributed political funds drop by 75 percent.”
The reality is that KNEA is one of the few education advocacy groups with a meaningful PAC. We believe this legislation is about stifling dissent on the push towards vouchers, charters, inadequate funding and other harmful legislation, not about protecting teachers from undesired public speech. We believe that the proponents of this bill think that making people write a check instead of checking a box will result in lower contributions to public employee PACs. Although the bill passed, we can still block its intended impact. Let your checkbook do some talking with a contribution to KNEA (anyone can donate).
Donors must include full names, addresses, occupation, and industry in which they work (if any). If you are retired or self-employed, you should indicate the appropriate status. Donations may be sent to:
Kansas NEA
715 SW 10th Avenue
Topeka, KS 66612-1686
KNEA Eastern Regional Office
11015 W. 75th Terr.
Shawnee, KS 66214
Here is the link to the ALEC model bill: http://alecexposed.org/w/images/b/b8/Paycheck_Protection_Act_Exposed.pdf

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