Sen. Wagle calls Gannon a black cloud and promises to pursue expansion of charters and other ALEC/Florida reform model bills

 Sen. Wagle refers to the Gannon case as a “dark cloud” hanging over the legislature and says after the court case is resolved they’ll move forward with their education “reforms” and particularly push for expanding charter schools. She alleges charters can educate kids at lower cost. This is another example of sticking to the ALEC plan/Florida Reform model despite abundant evidence that charters generally do no better than public schools and do not offer cost savings (especially if you control for their not offering special ed, transportation and free and reduced lunch). Kansas already has charter schools. The charter movement Wagle has in mind is the ALEC distortion of charters to divert funds from public schools and privatize our education system. If we can’t afford to fund the schools we have, why would we want to fund a dual system?

Sen. Wagle to push for charter schools | Wichita Eagle

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