Senators Smith and Pilcher-Cook share “facts”

On Monday, April 15 Sen. Greg Smith and Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook spoke at a forum at Johnson County Community College. They claimed the budget issues in our schools are really an issue of mismanagement by the SMSD school board. They also went with an apparent new party line that Johnson County will be hurt by the Gannon case. (Rep. Kinzer stated that in a public forum in March as well.) Both of these senators have been sent to Topeka to represent the people of the SMSD, but they both continue to ignore the 100% efficiency rating SMSD received from Standard & Poors and the fact that the governor’s blue ribbon efficiency task force did not find any scandalous inefficiencies in our schools (even after inviting whistle-blowing on their website). By our calculations SMSD would receive about $31 million additional annual revenue from enforcement of the Gannon judgment which would be extremely beneficial to our district. These legislators claim to support public education. They need to hear from you, and we need you to tell your communities that they are not supporting public education.

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