KPI’s scorecard gives true education supporters low scores

The Kansas Policy Institute (KPI) has released a new scorecard tracking votes from the 2013 legislative session. The scorecard has been “expanded to also track education freedom, differentiating between legislation that is student-focused and that which is primarily designed for institutional benefit or the adults working in public education.” We understand that KPI/ALEC’s definition of education freedom is vouchers, distorted charters, online learning, etc. (all of which have been failing to improve education results in the states that have tried them) at the expense of funding for the public schools that will remain to serve ALL children. At the bottom of the scorecard, scoring in the negatives, we find all the Democrats and our strongest Republican public school supporters. At the top of the list, we find the supporters of the legislation we have fought to defeat and opponents of adequate funding for our schools. So, look at the list and thank a legislator for being at the bottom of KPI’s list and the top of ours! KPI is not-so-subtly informing legislators their votes are being tracked. Let legislators know we’re watching too.

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