Beware of the spin on court selection

“I think a lot of people would prefer to be able to hold elected officials accountable for the decisions that are made, and there is a better opportunity under the federal model to do that.” Watch out Kansans. The change in judicial selection process that was passed for the appellate court will be attempted for the Kansas Supreme Court again. Courts should not be held accountable by the people-they have a different role. Part of the purpose of courts is to protect fundamental rights and values even when doing so is not “popular”. Do we want a Supreme Court that properly upholds the Constitution or do we want one whose members are subject to litmus tests and accountable to “the people” (and by “the people” we mean the majority of people who actually vote in the primaries in August when large members of school families are on vacation)? We do not need unchecked tyranny of the “majority” in Kansas. We need a court that can safely protect the right to public education in this state without worrying about being ousted for defying the governor’s and legislative leadership’s tax cut agenda. Contact your legislators NOW. ¬†

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