Game On for Kansas Schools is not a well-funded front group for left-wing special interests

Why would the KS GOP choose to mislead people about Game On? Is it important for them to draw attention away from Game On’s public education advocacy efforts? In their latest statewide e-newsletter, they mischaracterized our position on judicial review of school funding and concluded by saying, “This is what we are fighting- well funded front groups for leftwing special interests.” Let us be perfectly clear. Game On is a nonpartisan, grassroots public education advocacy group. We are parents, teachers, and other concerned community members throughout Kansas. We receive no outside funding. We have no staff. We are not a front group for anyone. Our “special interests” are our own children and our fellow Kansans’ children. We are Republicans, Democrats and Independents who are worried about the future of Kansas public education. That’s it. Really. And we fail to understand how a political party that claims to represent the majority of Kansans can attack Kansas moms, dads, grandparents and future parents. We will not be bullied. Fellow Kansans, join us. Stand up and speak out for Kansas public education. Game on.

Here’s the section on us:
There is a far left-wing organization in Johnson County calling itself “Game On For Kansas Schools”. Last week they came up with a new one:
The Voters of Kansas are too stupid to elect legislators, so decisions on taxing and spending should be made by unelected groups of elitists, with no accountability to the people. That’s right – YOU are too stupid to decide what happens to your own tax money.
‘Just leave your tax money at the door folks, move along, nothing to see here taxpayers.’
This is what we are fighting- well funded front groups for leftwing special interests.”

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