GOP school funding talking points try to limit discussion to total funding instead of looking at pieces such as Base State Aid Per Pupil

“‘Here is the key,’ the memo says. ‘The important number is the total amount spent. The Democrats try to fool you by focusing only on part of the amount spent. Watch out when they claim the reduction was in base state aid per pupil or state¬†funding. If they mention either, grab your wallet.’
Brownback and GOP legislative leaders maintain the state would raise state aid to education by $215 million from fiscal year 2010 through the budget developed for fiscal year 2015. They reached that figure primarily by including $205 million in required contributions to the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System and $30 million in mandated bond and interest funding for renovation or construction of school buildings.
‘It’s misleading to call KPERS funding and capital improvement funding education funding. It isn’t money that makes it into the classroom,’ said Annie McKay, executive director of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth.”
We add that it’s not just Democrats who want legislators to be honest about cuts to BSAPP, many Independents and Republicans who have seen cuts in district operating expenses share that concern and don’t think that amounts to “fooling” people.¬†

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