Look out Texas. Here comes Kansas? Not if we listen to this Texas PTA mom

“Texas’ lack of commitment to public education shouldn’t be of surprise if you’re a Texas student, educator, parent, taxpayer, or casual bystander. The state’s indifference has been decades in the making. You’ve seen classes grow larger, budgets grow smaller, and important student programs eliminated. You’ve seen the cost of public education in a growing state ignored by legislators, shifting primary fiscal responsibility from the state to the local communities (and ultimately local property taxpayers). You’ve seen school districts sue Texas time and time again looking for a solution to an issue that has plagued the state for more than a generation. You’ve seen your elected officials sit idly by awaiting the next school finance lawsuit to force them to slap a bandage on the school funding system bleeding out before them. You’ve seen your elected representatives leave office to become lobbyists for testing companies seeking to make a buck off your kids. You’ve seen it all.”http://educatefortexas.com/grading-texas-accountability-schools/

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