Editorial on the importance of strong courts and risk to schools

Sen. Wagle has publicly stated that if the KS Supreme Court rules in favor of the schools in Gannon, they will pursue changing judicial selection for justices as they did for appellate judges last term. Here’s a great explanation of what’s wrong with that. “Some of our elected state leaders would weaken our courts. They question the judiciary’s role. This is an institution whose purpose is to uphold the Constitution, the same Constitution our political leaders have taken an oath to respect. So it naturally begs the question: Why would some lawmakers choose to reject upholding the Constitution?
Their problem isn’t that they don’t get it. Their problem is that they get it and want to change it.
And so, they tell you the Kansas Supreme Court is to blame. They point to the fact that its justices are not elected. They tell you the court is out of step with the march of Kansans. They argue that court decisions should bend to popular will or political fervor. And they introduce legislation to allow politicians to pick and confirm judges for our highest courts, reduce the mandatory retirement age of judges from 75 to 65 to force a rapid turnover of judges, and strip the Supreme Court of the power to decide criminal appeals. In their minds, a stumbling block becomes their stepping stone.
Our courts are accountable to the Constitution and the law, not to politicians who are thinking about the next election.”

Read more here:http://www.kansas.com/2013/11/15/3117992/f-james-robinson-jr-strong-courts.html#storylink=cpy

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