“Think tank” network imposing agenda on Kansas and other states

“At the annual meeting [of the free market ‘think tank’ State Policy Network], which took place in Oklahoma City this past September 24th through 27th, [president Tracie] Sharp explained what she called The IKEA Model. She said that it starts with what she described as a ‘catalogue’ showing ‘what success would look like.’ Instead of pictures of furniture arranged in rooms, she said, S.P.N.’s catalogue displays visions of state policy projects that align with the group’s agenda. That agenda includes . . . cutting taxes . . . and privatizing education. ‘The success we show is you guys,’ she told the assembled state members. ‘Here’s how we win in your state.'”
We’d rather leave Kansas education policy to Kansans who want to “win” in our own state and provide Kansas children with a strong public education.  http://www.newyorker.com/online/blogs/newsdesk/2013/11/is-ikea-the-new-model-for-the-conservative-movement.html


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