Editorial explains differences in school funding figures

We know the reality of budget cuts in our districts, and no claims regarding KPERS funding and other increasing costs can change that. Our legislature doesn’t get to postpone fully funding schools while we wait for the promised economic gain from tax cuts. Lost educational opportunities cannot be reclaimed later.
“Brownback told the superintendents that this was the best long-term decision, because if the Kansas economy can grow more, ‘we can fund things.’ But he acknowledged that for school districts, ‘your transition is hard.’
That hard transition and the base aid cuts are why the three-judge panel ruled against the state. The Kansas Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on the state’s appeal of that decision.
Brownback can point to total funding increases and express faith in tax cuts, but the courts must focus on the funding reality facing school districts. And unlike the requirement to suitably finance education, trickle-down economics is not in the Kansas Constitution.”
Read more here:http://www.kansas.com/2014/01/30/3256726/eagle-editorial-why-the-difference.html#storylink=cpy

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