Candidate Melton uses code for lack of public education support

If this is what your legislator or potential legislator says when asked if schools are adequately funded, you should be concerned, very concerned. We’ve found this language to be code for “I will not support increased funding for schools. I believe our schools waste the money they have. I will support neo-charters, vouchers, tax credit scholarships and any other ALEC education bill I see.”
“Melton’s campaign site also says he is committed to strong schools, and that we ‘owe it to our citizens to ensure a positive return on those dollars spent.’ Asked Monday if he thought the state spending level was too high, too low, or adequate, Melton initially demurred, saying only, ‘I’d have to get into that for further review — I’d rather not get into specifics at this time.’ An hour after the interview, he sent an email saying, ‘I believe that schools are adequately funded but don’t like to see the tax dollars leaving Johnson county for other districts.’”

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