HB 2227 would move local elections to the fall

From our friends at Educate Lawrence: Educate Lawrence encourages you to contact your Kansas House representative immediately to vote against HB 2227. HB 2227 would move all local general elections from April of odd-numbered years to November of odd-numbered years, with the primary moved from February to August. Breaking from a tradition of local spring elections since 1968, this change will be disruptive by having school board members take office during the middle of the school and budget year. HB 2227 now goes to the full House for debate, likely this week. These are some reasons to oppose HB 2227:
• Local elections should be about communities, not partisan politics.
• Spring elections align with the current school year and allow fluid transitions for planning, budgeting, and contracting.
• Local school board elections should be about students, not party politics.

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