Kansas invites Carpe Diem founder/CEO but we heed Indiana warnings

This week, the Senate and House Education Committees are set to hear from Alex Medler, VP Policy & Advocacy, National Assoc. of Charter Schools Authorizers and Rick Ogston, Founder/CEO of Carpe Diem. Are they hearing from you? Here’s what happened in Indiana after the legislature invited Carpe Diem in: “Ambassador Enterprises’ proposed contract puts it in the unique position of serving not only as landlord, but also in marketing the school. The more students it draws, the more it collects in rent, given the $1,000 per-head fee.
But each student it draws from a northeast Indiana school means thousands of dollars pulled from an existing school. The loss reduces the ability of the existing schools to offer comprehensive programs – well-stocked libraries, guidance counselors, science labs, drama and music, sports programs and more. Carpe Diem’s computer instruction model includes none of those features. The Indianapolis school has only five teachers for grades 6-10. Its Arizona school at one time had one math teacher for 240 students in grades 6-12.” http://www.journalgazette.net/article/20130228/BLOGS13/130229487



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