Perspective on the Gannon decision from Chanute

“Hardy said USD 413 is hurt by the adequacy question remaining unresolved. Districts are seeing increased costs without an increase in money to meet those costs.
At the same time, special education is underfunded as well so the local districts are both making up the shortfalls in regular state aid and special education funding from local funds, Hardy said.
School districts had been hoping the base state aid per pupil would be raised closer to the amount it was before the recession budget cuts in 2009. Currently, the base state aid for pupil is $3,838. It was $4,400 before 2009.
‘Kansas was in bad shape just like the rest of the country and we had to do our part,’ Hardy said. ‘But we did it with the understanding that things would go back to where they were and that’s not how it played out.’”

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