ACTION ALERT: Contact legislators re: House and Senate education finance bills

ACTION ALERT: The House and Senate education finance bills are in conference committee THIS MORNING. Whatever emerges from the conference committee will go to the floors of the House and Senate for up or down votes, with no amendments. If the bill fails, it goes back to the committee for amending there. Let your legislator know you feel the House bill is already a compromise, and you do not support the inclusion of tax credit scholarships for private schools and property tax deductions for people who homeschool or send their children to private school (which further diminishes the state general fund), you do not support the elimination of teacher due process (which would weaken teachers’ ability to be advocates for our schools), you do not support cutting education to fund education, and your other grounds for opposing the Senate bill. They are trying to pass a bill TODAY so it is very important that they hear from you. If you have never sent an email to a legislator, today would be a good day to send your first one. If you don’t know who represents you in the House or Senate, click here:

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