Bad bundling used against Kansas judiciary as well

The Kansas legislature recently took the same approach to combining funding and other questionable measures in a single bill pertaining to the judicial branch. We understand the need for a strong, impartial judiciary and oppose punishing the court for ruling on school finance. This is another example of bad policy and bad government.
“At the very least, such a legislative overhaul of the judicial system’s administration deserved more thoughtful study and public debate. The measures bundled together in the final bill never even were considered by the House Judiciary Committee. The Kansas Association of Defense Counsel, for example, noted that the 1970s unification of court administration in Kansas was meant to remedy ‘a court system that was archaic in its multiplicity of courts, preservation of concurrent jurisdictions, and waste of fiscal resources.’ This looks like a step backward.
It also strikes many as political payback related to the high court’s school-funding or other decisions. In any case, it’s wrong for the Legislature to use its appropriations power to force unwanted and unwarranted systemic change on the judiciary. Though it’s highly doubtful that the governor will veto the bill, he should.”

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