Capital Journal runs two strong letters on education

The Capital Journal has two good letters to the editor today. You don’t have to walk to Topeka to get vocal. Write a letter to the editor.

Letter: Don’t dilute school funding
Cutting school funding is akin to eating your “seed corn.” You may be fed now, but you will starve later. . .
Educating the next generation is hard work. Voting to cut funding is quick and easy. The quick and easy path is always the wrong choice.
Diluting taxpayer funding of public schools is the initiation for destroying a civilized society. No money, no education. And yes, it is that simple.


Letter: Pass a clean school funding bill
I support the position of House Minority Leader Paul Davis, the Kansas Democratic Party’s candidate for governor, on education funding.
Davis and many others advocate that the Legislature pass a clean funding bill in accordance with the recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling without amendments.
. . .
The children and youth of Kansas have been waiting for this equalization funding for education that the court has mandated.
The Legislature should pass it clean and simple. Then study and evaluate amendments (including their administrative costs) separately and carefully. We will be a stronger state with better educated children. Other priorities and qualifications will get the careful evaluation needed.

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