Education finance bill with harmful policy passes the House 63-57

In order to pass, this bill had to have at least 63 votes. ┬áThe following 63 “representatives” voted for the education finance bill in the House. Did they represent you?
Barker, Bradford, Bruchman, Brunk, Couture-Lovelady, Carlson, Carpenter, Cassidy, Christmann, Claeys, Corbet, Crum, E. Davis, DeGraaf, Dove, Edwards, Esau, Estes, Gandhi, Garber, Goico, Grosserode, Hawkins, Hedke, Highland, Hildabrand, Hoffman, Houser, Howell, Huebert, Hutton, Johnson, Jones, Kahrs, Kelley, Kiegerl, Kinzer, Kleeb, Lunn, Macheers, Mason, Mast, McPherson, Meigs, Merrick, O’Brien, Osterman, Peck, Powell, Read, Rhoades, Rothlisberg, Rubin, Ryckman Jr., Ryckman Sr., Schwab, Seiwert, Suellentrop, Thimesch, Thompson, Todd, Vickrey, Waymaster.

Absent or not voting: Carlin, Hill, Houston, Schwartz, Sutton.

This vote is a direct result of the primaries in August of 2012. These legislators just promoted the ALEC/AFP agenda to the detriment of real Kansans. Channel your frustrations and plan to be active between now and August, and bring along some friends.

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