Republican Sen. Vern Swanson explains opposition to education finance bill

“’If he signs it, he’s really going to tick off the education block, and they can be a really formidable force if every teacher voted,’” [Republican Senator Vern Swanson] said. ‘This could be the real rallying point.’
If vetoed, the Legislature has a couple weeks left in the regular session to revise and pass a measure to adequately fund schools.
The House approved adding $141 million to poorer schools with no policy changes. ‘All devil broke loose’ when the Senate that insisted that tax credits and corporate scholarships for private schools be included, that Common Core not be funded and tenure for teachers be eliminated.
The House initially rejected the Senate’s proposal, which only called for around $100 million for poorer districts. Through a conference committee tax credits for private school were taken out, defunding Common Core was also removed and the funding for poorer districts increased to $129 million.
Swanson said he voted against the revised bill on Sunday because he’s ‘dead set on taking tenure out’ and did not support eliminating tenure for teachers.
‘It was not the bill I voted for on Friday,’ Swanson said. ‘I’m a firm believer that majority should rule, but I’m also a strong believer that there should be some common sense in what we do at the Legislature.’”


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