Kentucky mom connects the Koch and ALEC dots

Does any of this sound familiar? We’re happy to see this Kentucky mom connecting the dots.

“Correlation does not equal causation. And logical fallacies do not equal facts. Shame on these outsiders for coming into our town and criticizing our community, and cherry-picking someone else’s data and calling that “research” in order to support their poorly disguised Koch agenda…

“It’s widely accepted that the Kochs, their legislative arm ALEC, and their front group Americans for Prosperity, are behind much of the reprehensible legislation that passed in the 2017 Kentucky General Assembly. Their charter school bills, neighborhood schools bill, even the local plastic bag ban reversal were signature ALEC plays…

“ALEC is also tied to names like Betsy DeVos, Art Laffer and Gov. Bevin. What a coincidence that tea-party libertarian Art Laffer, who almost single-handedly destroyed Kansas, is serving on the advisory board of their so-called non-partisan think tank! Not!

“What makes Pegasus such an expert on JCPS, or educational pedagogy for that matter? Have they been to any of our school board meetings? Have they volunteered in our classrooms? Have they spoken to teachers (instead of profiteering billionaires) about how to improve our public schools?

“They don’t appear to have researched what a state takeover of Detroit Public Schools has meant for DeVos’ Detroit. Or what Laffer’s policies did to Kansas’ economy. On second thought, maybe they have and they don’t care. Masterminds behind think tanks like these are more interested in siphoning our tax dollars to their bottom lines than improving outcomes for our children.”

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Originally posted on Facebook November 28, 2017

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