LJ World Article on Call for Districts to Return Funds

“Rep. Larry Campbell, R-Olathe, who chairs the House K-12 Education Budget Committee, also said he thought it was unrealistic to expect districts to pay back the money.

“’The money’s been spent,’ he said in an interview.

“Campbell also noted that another section of the LPA report found that despite overpayments to some districts, overall state funding for transportation has not been meeting districts’ actual costs, based on a survey the auditors conducted of 16 Kansas School districts of varying sizes.”

“…we are already in a situation where the state Supreme Court has said your funding is neither equitable nor adequate to meet the needs of school districts. And so, how does it help the Legislature’s case to now be saying we’re going to claw back money that we’ve paid you, in light of the fact that the court is saying you’re not paying them enough in the first place?


Originally posted to Facebook on 1/31/18.

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