School funding bills addressed in committees

“A Kansas Senate committee gave the go-ahead Thursday [March 17] to a proposed fix of the state’s school equalization formula, but a similar plan in a House committee drew bitter reaction from lawmakers and didn’t advance. “Legislators are trying to beat a June 30 deadline imposed by the state Supreme Court. Unless a new equalization formula is in place by then, the court said last month, public schools won’t open for the 2016-2017 school year.” Read more here: Update: the Senate bill was eventually pulled as well and a new bill emerged....
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Protect against Walmartization of schools

“But what if that story isn’t just about businesses anymore? What if instead of a closed factory or shuttered store, the story is about a closed public school? What if the consequence of these types of business decisions’ isn’t a grown man having to look for another job or an elderly woman having to figure out a new way to pick up her prescriptions, but a child having his or her education significantly disrupted or a whole community left without convenient access to schools?” Read more here:
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Legislators hope for quick passage and district consolidation

“An influential Republican legislator said he’s hoping an education funding bill will clear the Legislature by the end of next week on the same day a GOP colleague suggested that consolidating public school districts could help in making the distribution of state dollars fairer.” Read more here:–Kansas-Legislature....
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