Welcome to the Game On for Kansas Schools website!  We’ve been on Facebook for a while, but we know there are many people who care about Kansas public schools but who aren’t on Facebook.  Our site is still under construction, so please check back with us regularly.  It’s time for Kansas parents and other friends of public education to “get in the game”!...
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About Us

We are parents who want to take an active role in legislative issues impacting Kansas education.   A few years ago, several Belinder parents were growing concerned with the evolving school funding situation. They wanted to understand what was going on and to be able to participate in the process rather than just responding to decisions after they were made. They began meeting regularly with their area representatives in the Kansas House and Senate and Shawnee Mission School Board. As the school funding situation worsened, the group also became aware of a second issue–lack of parent engagement.  ...
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What are the issues facing Kansas schools?

The first and most important issue facing Kansas schools is adequate funding.  Game On for Kansas Schools is committed to making sure that Kansas adequately funds Kansas schools.   However there are other issues facing Kansas schools – changes to the constitutes that would alter judicial selection, limit free speech and (insert issues)…      ...
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