Judicial selection bills fast tracked. Contact legislators today!

┬áJudicial Selection has been fast tracked this week! The House is hearing SB 8 and the Sentate is hearing HB 2019. IF you have not called your House Rep AND Senator, do so TODAY. Both bills are on the floor and will likely receive FINAL ACTION tomorrow. Once you’ve contacted your elected officials, please SHARE this status on your FB page. Please email with this simple statement. “I support an independent judiciary and oppose the proposed changes to the judicial selection process.”...
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Rep. Kinzer falsely claims Gannon won’t help SMSD

At a legislative forum Saturday, SMSD/Olathe SD area Rep. KINZER claimed that successful school litigation (the recent Gannon case) only hurts SMSD because under the funding formula SMSD receives a lower percentage than other districts. By our calculations, SMSD would receive over $31 million additional annual operational funding if the legislature were to abide by Montoy and Gannon. Rep. Kinzer called that a “pittance”, said we would be better off without it and instead should ally with other districts to rewrite the funding formula. Tell Rep. Kinzer we would very much like to restore the cuts from the...
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House Education Committee needs to hear from you-Common Core and charters

The House Education Committee needs to hear from us! We have been told by mulitiple sources that they are being flooded with emails from anti-common core and pro-charter voices. As for Common Core Kansans have been involved in drafting the curriculum. We have talked to many teachers who support it and say that it will allow them to teach the way they used to teach. It will allow them to encourage …higher level thinking, analytical and writing skills that are so very important. The State of Kansas also promised to adopt Common Core as part of its waiver...
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