Governor requests mediation of school funding case-now?

 We’re all for a solution that would get funding into our schools more quickly, but the Governor is requesting a stay of the lower court’s order, and there’s something distasteful about requesting mediation at this point. The State lost the Montoy case in 2005 and was ordered to adequately fund schools. They raised funding for 1 year and then started cutting again through last year when the economy was improving. Now they’ve lost again, and the Supreme Court won’t hear new evidence, so the likelihood of the plaintifs’ success seems pretty high, so now they want a compromise....
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Laughable Legislation from Sen. Smith

We posted about Sen. Smith’s bill that would allow him to go back to teaching at the pay he was at when he left for the legislature after he spends his legislative career claiming our schools are overfunded and that there’s no “data” to support greater funding. Here’s an editorial:–re-employment-bill  ...
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Quote of the Day

So when someone like Kansas Governor Sam Brownback crows ‘Look out Texas. Here comes Kansas!’ it might be he didn’t read the brochure before planning this particular trip.”  This article takes a look at why people who care about public schools don’t want Kansas to be like Texas....
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