You don’t have to understand everything about these issues to advocate for Kansas schools and your children, but here we’ll give you both the big picture and some additional resources. Game On does its homework!

  • Funding – What’s all the fuss about funding? While throwing money at a problem doesn’t fix it, failing to adequately fund the Kansas public education system will have devastating short- and long-term consequences for all Kansans.
  • Role of the Courts, Judicial Selection and Constitutional Amendments – Changes to our courts will affect education too.
  • Third Grade Retention – How do you increase reading scores in the midst of large education budget cuts? One way would be to hold back your failing third graders.
  • School Achievement – We all want our schools to do better, but skepticism is warranted when you read our schools are failing.
  • ALEC, KPI and the Florida Reform Model – ALEC has an active education component that calls for first attacking the academic achievements in schools and then proposing free market solutions. Game On is opposed to their “behind closed doors” tactics and for the direct interplay between for-profit corporations peddling privatization options that will benefit them.
  • Vouchers, “Scholarships”, Charters, Online Schools-Privatization – A major component of the ALEC agenda/Florida Reform Model is support for vouchers, “scholarships”, charters, online schools and other similar “reforms”. Already tried in other states, these “reforms” do not improve student performance but they do siphon funds away from the true public schools which serve all children and they do put public funds into private hands.