Celebrate Freedom Week Wrong for Kansas Public Schools

House Bill 2280 Celebrate Freedom Week brought to you by Rick Green of TEXAS as part of a national push for such bills. The Kansas bill specifically states “The religious references in the writings of the founding fathers shall not be censored when presented as part of such instruction.” Green’s website offers for purchase a Founders Bible-“Discover the Scriptures that the Founders used as the basis for our original founding documents, see what chapters inspired them in the fight for independence, understand the sacrifices they made because of their Biblically-based beliefs and learn about America as a Christian nation. Over 2,200 pages, this Bible is chock-full of full-color insert pages on major themes found throughout our founding, highlights little known and relevant insights from the Founders on their commitment to the importance of the Bible, and includes subject index, concordance and Bible maps.” 
SMSD’s own Representatives Meigs, Grosserode, Hildabrand and Todd are sponsors.  See http://rickgreen.com/take-action/celebrate-freedom-week/ and http://rickgreen.com/2013/01/18/saving-the-constitution-begins-at-home/

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