Funding Matters Part I

In all the debates raging right now about separation of powers, legislative authority and efficiency, it’s important to remember what the fuss is all about. In the last several years in response to legislative budget cuts SMSD has 400 fewer teachers than in 2009, closed 6 schools since 2007, no budget for library book purchases, raised the class size cap, closed an enhanced learning center and reduced EL staff, slashed supply budgets, instituted an activities fee at the high school, increased fees for bus service and for full-day kindergarten, reduced administrative staff, reduced janitorial staffing and reduced classroom cleaning from daily to once every 3 days. The Governor’s current budget has no increase for next fiscal year and a $14 Base State Aid Per Pupil increase for next year. That won’t even keep up with inflation.  Does that sound like we are providing the kind of public education we should be?  If not, tell your legislators!

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