Nancy Lusk on HB 2306 (teaching climate change doubt) stalling

Here’s some good news from Rep. Nancy Lusk’s Facebook page. Let’s hope HB 2306 and several other troubling bills stall in the education committee.
“I want to reassure everyone that I do not support HB 2306. I agree with the 99% of climatologists who tell us that climate change is a fact. We do not need to mandate that our high school teachers should teach otherwise.

There has been a false impression that the House Education Committee passed HB 2306 out of committee, but that is not so. There has been no mention of any plans for it to receive a committee hearing, and we are about to run out of time this session to consider any bills which haven’t already received a hearing. So, hopefully this bill is not going anywhere. I will let you know if the situation changes.”

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