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Quote of the Day: “What was surprising, however, was the deep level of ignorance of government and history that some members of the [House Education] committee seem to possess. During questioning, I was told that the US Constitution is based on the Bible and contains passages from the King James Bible, that the majority should prevail in what religion is promoted in the schools, and that the “Drudge Report” is a reliable source of factual information. I was told, essentially, that I had no right to be there because I only represented a minority of Kansans and that the committee member did not see that the ‘other 90% of Kansans are standing behind me.’ And I was told, in no uncertain terms, that there is no such thing as separation of church and state.” Micheline Burger, Immediate Past Board Chair of MainStream Coalition regarding testimony on Rick Green’s Celebrate Freedom Week already passed by the House and sure to be passed by the Senate.

Reasonable Kansans, it’s time to take back our government. See the rest of the disturbing article here: http://www.dockingblog.com/maybe-legislators-should-take-civics-before-they-mandate-it-to-public-schools/

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