Charter schools lack accountability

“The scariest thing about charter schools is the lack of accountability. Over and over, the interests of profit are trumping the public good. The unregulated business model does not work for education. It works for profit, but . . . it disenfranchises vulnerable communities. And cities that have been in the school charterization business for a long time now, like Chicago, Philadelphia and New Orleans, should provide ample warning of what is to come in education if it continues to go in this direction. Governors set to aggressively step up charter school deregulation like North Carolina’s Pat McCrory should take heed. The barely regulated business of charter education is so corrupt that it’s hard to keep all the misdeeds hidden, even when you’re legally permitted to hide many of them.
We’ve all been fed the lie that this is about equality of opportunity and civil rights. But the more the charter school industry undermines equality and civil rights, the clearer it becomes that this was never about helping children in the first place.”
Those of us who have been following the market-based education “reforms” pushed by ALEC, KPI and others cannot understand why Kansas legislators think Kansas should adopt this model. Sen. Wagle is promising to push for ALEC-distorted charters again next year. Please read this article to understand more about what’s at stake.

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