“Reform” movement golden boy Tony Bennett proves our suspicions are correct

Education “reformer” Tony Bennett is stepping down as Florida education commissioner after emails revealed he worked to change the “C” grade of a prominent donor’s charter school while he was Indiana’s education head before being ousted in a public uprising. Why does that matter to us in Kansas? Because A-F grading of schools is part of the ALEC/Florida reform model (along with diverting funds from public schools for charters, vouchers, etc.) being pushed by some of our legislators and their backers, and because it shows that when we shine a light on these “reforms” they are more about money, power and political cronyism than about improving the education of our children. It’s just rare that we get to see the evidence in emails.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/29/tony-bennett-indiana_n_3672196.html

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