Tallman Report on setting the record straight on school employees and spending

From Mark Tallman at KASB: “I’ve been asked to comment on an ad that Americans for Prosperity has been running in recent months touching on several topics: the total amount of spending per pupil in Kansas (over $12,000 for the past five years), the share of that money going to teacher salaries, and claims over the past decade, for every two teachers, five ‘non-teaching’ positions have been added.
A similar issue was raised by a state representative at the joint meeting between the State Board of Education and members of the House and Senate Education Committees, who said he was aware of a small district in Kansas had more ‘administrators’ than ‘teachers.’ These comments reflect a theme that too little funding gets to ‘the classroom’ to help students and teacher, and implies that schools are drowning in unnecessary bureaucracy. What is the truth about these claims?”http://tallmankasb.blogspot.com/2013/10/setting-record-straight-on-school.html

Tallman Education Report: Setting the Record Straight on School Employees and Spending

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