Game On’s Heather Ousley gets a mention in Davis’ response to State of the State

In Paul Davis’ response to Governor Brownback’s State of the State address, he noted the efforts of Game On’s Heather Ousley. We parents see that budget cuts are real. “One mother – Heather Ousley of Merriam – was so concerned about Governor Brownback’s education cuts that she walked 60 miles from her home all the way to Topeka to send a message to state leaders that school funding needed to be restored. Heather saw the damage being done to her local schools and had enough. Her children, and all our children, only get one shot at their precious, formative years. There is no time to waste.
Sadly, Governor Brownback and most lawmakers didn’t pay attention to Heather.
During the economic recession, Kansas schools embraced a spirit of shared sacrifice and absorbed funding cuts along with every other state agency. But when the country began to recover, it was time to begin restoring that funding. And I offered a plan to do just that.
Instead, the Governor and his allies chose to cut our schools even more – and gave massive tax breaks to a narrow group who need help the least. This choice sent a message to parents, teachers, working families, and the Kansas Supreme Court.”

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