“Average” voters need to make their voices heard on bills to move local (and school board) elections to the fall

In case you’re thinking that school boards and municipalities don’t need involvement from parents, teachers and other community members on the bills to move local elections, see this email from Sen. Smith who is on the committee but is objecting to hearing from Kansans outside his district and is noting he’s mostly heard opposition from elected officials and not “average voters”:

“Thank you for your email. I appreciate you sharing your concerns and opinion with me. I have received several emails, most from people not in my district, asking that this bill be stopped. I have also received several emails from people who want this bill passed. I find it curious that every opponent of this legislation is an elected official in one of the positions the bill touches. Every proponent is from the electorate, the “average” voter – in other words, the people you and I represent and serve. I find it troublesome that the elected seem to be afraid of the will of the people. Regards, Greg”

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