Get in the game!

We love this blog post. Although it was written for school board members, its message applies to parents, educators, school administrators and all other community members who care about public education in Kansas. Among the advice, “SPEAK UP! We must be ready with the facts, and share them. I recently read the State of Kansas ranks 4th in the nation in percent of contribution to public education. This is a true statement but it is incomplete and misleading. The complete statement would include that in the early 1990’s Kansas Legislators decided that property tax relief was needed as well as increasing funds for public education. Property taxes were lowered and the state’s contribution was raised by design to equalize educational opportunities, and disperse tax burdens across the state. Without the entire story it is easy to misinterpret the message. The good news for public education is that we don’t have to mislead or tell part of the story…It is ‘time to get in the game’.”

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