House appropriations bill to comply with Gannon bundled with toxic education policy

Instead of simply doing an appropriations bill to comply with the Gannon decision, the House Republican leadership has written a 91-page bill (HB 2773) that reads like a list of ALEC policies. (1) It would provide for the ALEC expansion of charters and would establish an independent chartering board, with the governor appointing three members, the Senate president and House speaker each appointing two members, and the minority leaders of the House and Senate each choosing one appointee. (2) It creates a new income tax deduction for contributions to charter schools. (3) It would enact corporate tax credit scholarships. (4) It would double the number of districts that could become innovative school districts, though the program is still in its first year. (5) It would make changes to teacher licensing requirements.
It’s as though the only way these people can stomach putting more money into schools is to do more damage to them in the long term. This FB page has numerous posts explaining why we oppose these policies. Kansans must demand that appropriations not be bundled with this toxic mix of bad education policy that will hurt our students.

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