LA Times reports on refusal to restore recession era cuts in Kansas

We applaud Devin and his efforts! Quoted in the LA Times:

But other Kansans are beginning to rebel. Devin Kelly, a parent of a second-grader and a fifth-grader in Johnson County, joined Game On for Kansas Schools, started by parents three years ago.

“A lot of Kansans think, ‘Let it be; don’t make waves,’ and that was me until a year ago,” he said. “Class sizes were the tipping point.”
A coalition of school districts and parents has sued the state, arguing that the funding from the state was not enough to suitably educate children. A three-judge panel agreed, writing that it was “completely illogical” for the state to cut taxes while blaming an economic downturn for spending cuts.
Brownback appealed that decision, and is awaiting a ruling from the state Supreme Court.,0,5068022.story?page=1#axzz2udsAPwsz

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