Sen. Lynn’s troubling comments about Gannon and separation of powers

“From a Legislative Branch perspective, it was perhaps not as bad as it could have been because the core issue of ‘suitable’ or ‘adequate’ spending was remanded back to the trial court for utilization of a different formula. . .
Looming over it all, however, is still the fundamental disagreement when it comes to judicial authority to even rule on a school finance plan meeting constitutional muster, something a strong majority of us elected by and answerable to those who pay for it believes is our exclusive responsibility. The saga continues and we’ll see where it ends up, although as I heard someone observe about these separation of powers struggles, ‘When two branches are united against the third, the two usually prevail.’” Sen. Julia Lynn, Asst. Majority Leader from Olathe in her March 9 newsletter.

We are troubled by Sen. Lynn’s comments implying that the legislative and executive branches in Kansas plan to continue to work to “prevail” over the judicial branch. We support an independent judiciary and wish those in power in our legislature were not so steadfast in their resolution to avoid restoring recession era cuts to our schools’ operating budgets.

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