Warning from North Carolina on expansion of charter schools

Last year North Carolina enacted legislation expanding charter schools. Kansas should heed this warning: “Buses were consistently arriving as much as 90 minutes late. Elementary textbooks had not been ordered. ‘General disorder was observed throughout the middle school,’ a summary from Prestige says, and middle school students ‘were taking naps as part of the day, some for as long as 2 hours.’
The school was still staffed for more than 400 students, even though it was serving a smaller population.
‘Office staff indicates that Phyllis Handford and Sandra Moss ‘alternate’ their time in the school, each working what sounds as though to be half days,’ the Prestige report says. ‘According to office staff, Connell Handford and Jonathan Handford report to work very infrequently.’
Consultants found stacks of unopened mail on Handford’s desk, including student records, unpaid bills and overdue notices. Unpaid bills to local vendors totaled approximately $450,000, some dating to July, the Prestige report says.
The report also said that Phyllis Handford had created a separate checking account and made Internet transfers from the charter school to that account.”

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