Eagle editorial urges simple solution to Gannon funding

“Rather than keep it simple in responding to the Kansas Supreme Court’s school-finance ruling, the Legislature seems intent on making matters worse for many districts. Kansans have to hope that as the favored bills go to the full House and Senate on Thursday, reason and fairness will prevail.
Both have been scarce so far.”  http://www.kansas.com/2014/04/03/3382232/eagle-editorial-keep-funding-fix.html#storylink=cpy

We couldn’t agree more. The bills are a jumble of moving parts right now but what has become utterly clear is that the legislature cannot conceive of just funding the equity fix, and they intend to partially fund it by cutting education funding in other places. They are giving districts the option of raising their LOB so that more of them can come out of the session with some increase in funding, but we note that this constitutes a tax shift. The state will continue to take credit for low income taxes, forcing local districts to play the role of tax increaser. And even with that, it appears that these “fixes” will not restore the cuts districts faced during the recession.

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