Excellent editorial in Butler County Times Gazette explains what just happened in Topeka

“If you want to see the origin of this bill, follow the straight line between the Koch bothers, AFP, Brownback and the Senate.
This lineage truly comes into focus when Sen. Marci Francisco (D-Lawrence) questioned Sen. Tom Arpke (R-Salina) about the amendment he allegedly authored.
When Fransico asked why the education bill that would remove due process for only K-12 teachers, Arpke could not answer on either the content or intent of ‘his’ Amendment.
He is merely a puppet and could find no answers since no one was there to move his strings.
That is the problem with the Americans for Prosperity and the Koch brothers. They buy their way into offices so that they don’t have to participate in actual politics. You will never hear AFP or the Koch brothers in a direct debate.”

This editorial gets it right. You can probably substitute the names in this with names in your district.http://www.butlercountytimesgazette.com/article/20140407/OPINION/140409479/1007/OPINION/?tag=1

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